What my students are saying


I had a great time learning to drive with you. And I just love your car. Now that I have my own license, whenever I drive, I always remember the things you were saying and I think they will stay with me for life and hopefully will make me a safe driver for ever. Thank you very much for being so forgiving during the first few lessons. Thank you so very much.
Lucy R.


Many thanks for all your time and many thanks for being so very patient. The best thing I liked about my lessons is that it was fun to learn. I was worried that driving instructors are all like my math teacher when I was at school and I am really happy that I was completely wrong. I was very nervous on my first lesson and made quite a few mistakes, but this was not like school. So just to say a big thank you for getting me passed.
Rob B.



I passed my test today, I am the first student to take the new independent driving test. I passed with only one small fault. He has a good humour and is always so relaxed which always helped me to relax as well. What I really appreciate the most is being told how to drive to drive safely, not how to drive to pass the test. I will always remember those things. Whenever I drive now I always think about what he would be saying while I am driving if he was in the car with me, and that is really helping me drive confidently.
Maxine H.